new scanity software updates at nab 2015

We are demonstrating a number of new Scanity software developments which enhance the performance of dft’s Scanity HDR machine. These include “Clean View” and “Live View”.

Clean View – a realtime dust and scratch solution:

Whilst Scanity already includes a number of Dust and Scratch management tools for the film archivist at the ingest stage (including the use of PTR rollers, diffuse LED light source, (IR) infrared scanning with embedded dirt matt and its new wetgate technology system), we have also been hard at work developing software options which will work with the existing technology to further enhance Scanity’s performance. In addition to Scanity’s Dirt Concealment Option, there is now a new, user definable, live restoration tool, called “Clean View” which is able to conceal large, medium and small dirt and scratch artifacts in realtime, using its Scanity onboard FPGA processing power.

Previously only possible using 3rd party products, “Clean View” can access this dirt matt in realtime. This improves both the quality of the resultant image and speed; delivering both time & cost benefits.

Clean View can be configured to output the dirt matt in any of the following combinations:

1. Original Scanned DPX file unmodified

2. Original Scanned DPX file unmodified + (8 bit) IR dirt matt details

3. Original DPX file corrected + (8 Bit) IR dirt matt details

Live View – user definable realtime colour correction:

In addition, we will be demonstrating “Live View”, which provides a realtime colour corrected output. Previously, the scanned output had to be updated by means of a new scan (refresh), slowing up the resultant deliverable file. With the introduction of Live View the archivist can have full confidence in the colour balance or correction, ensuring a linear colour deliverable (non-time lined) but in realtime.

Both Clear View and Live View are simple to use and operate, requiring only simple push button activation and slider selection processes.

All Scanity and Scanity HDR scanners come fully hardware preconfigured ready to enable these new software enhancements by the means of a dft licensed key, that can liberate fast processes in realtime up to 4K, and of significant archival importance the natural film grain structures are left unaffected….

Note :- Scanity HDR offers a host of new user friendly features, that serve a variety of film scanning applications, including – but not limited to: film archive scanning for mass digitisation; EDL/conform scanning; low resolution browsing for archive and restoration; short-form commercials; and 4K UHD ready and digital intermediate scanning.

Two examples of this “Clean View“ Scanity deliverable can be seen below.

original Image

“Clean View” – Restored Image

original Image

“Clean View” – Restored Image

Editors notes:

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