Sondor Versa & Resonances


SondorVersa & Resonances

The Sondor Versa is a modular and scalable framework for archival digitization of sound. At its core is a precision film transport - the essential base to any high quality film digitization. Scalable options for sound transfer can be grouped around this core. All modules can be added easily at any later time. This machine adapts to your needs and grows with you!

Conventional audio playback options

Magnetic: Exchangeable head-blocks covering all formats of Sepmag and Commag. Standard and archival type heads available.

Optical: Red LED head-blocks for mono and stereo optical soundtracks, available for any known track standard including analogue or AES/EBU digital output.

Sondor Resonances optical soundtrack scanning system

The Sondor Resonances offers best possible transfer for variable area and variable density optical tracks from print and negatives. No other product solution comes close. Sondor Resonances is based on a CCD line-scan camera combined with digital image processing enabling the operator to remove optical defects of the soundtrack at the time of transfer before it is converted into audio.