Our Partners

With an innovative prototype construction Kaiser produces functional sample components for their customer in order to accelerate the product development process decisively. Using own mold construction, plastic injection molding, parts production and component assembly, Kaiser brings their customers’ products into pilot and small series production.

HS-ART is the company behind DIAMANT-Film Restoration software and DustBuster + retouching application, which are amongst the leading high end film restoration solutions in the market. HS-ART supports customer integrating restoration services into their workflow or consult them in building up a complete workflow from film scanning via restoration to printing and archiving. HS-ART is headquartered in Graz, Austria.

IBEX Technology is an engineering company, based in Japan, that specializes in technologies in the video transmission field. IBEX has developed a wide variety of video codec IP and can provide services and solutions by combining pre/post video processing and deep learning technology.

MMT designs, manufactures and refurbishes specialist critical equipment for a Digitization workflow, essential for the global film and video archive community. Over 50 specialist devices are offered to assist with restoration and preservation as well as parts, supplies and technical support. All of these products are also used in motion picture post production and film laboratory facilities. MMT is also DFTs commercial partner in the US and Mexico.

Prasad Corp is one of the largest, integrated digitalization services providers incorporating the latest technologies with the finest infrastructure. Founded in 1954, Prasad Corp is a pioneer in film and video post-production providing end-to-end services across film/ tape digitizing and restoration including but not limited to assessment and conservation, photo chemical restoration, colour grading (DI), metadata, digital mastering, Computer Graphics/VFX and technology solutions to the global archives.

Yesterday, data was simply stored and managed. Today, data is an essential differentiator. Data is massively growing, widely distributed, unstructured, and it’s gaining value at every turn. Your video and unstructured data not only needs to be fully protected, but it is also full of possibility. Quantum helps customer to enrich, orchestrate, protect, and archive video and unstructured data —now and for decades to come. Together, Quantum Stornext storage and DFT film scanning solutions are used by archives worldwide.