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scanity film scanner helps finas advance malaysian film heritage

The Malaysia National Film Development (FINAS) is the federal government agency for the film industry of Malaysia. It was established in 1981 by an act of Parliament (no. 244) in response to the film community’s call for the improvement and development of the local film industry. Initial projects encompassed the collection of information and preparation of reports pertaining to the production, distribution and exhibition of films, identification of annual activities as well as development projects. Its objective today is to promote, maintain, and facilitate film production development in Malaysia, and uphold the National Cultural Heritage through film. In an effort to upgrade the quantity and quality of films produced locally, FINAS has implemented several schemes such as the Feature Film Funding Scheme, Film Trust Fund and Equipment Rental Services.

To help accomplish its goals, FINAS upgraded its facility to support digital intermediate post production processes, and sustain its archive & restoration projects. FINAS upgrade included a dft Digital Film Technology SCANITY 2K Film Scanner with an audio scanning module and 16/35 mm film gate, a 64TB Bright Technologies BrightDrive G2, and a Blackmagic Design DaVinci Resolve color correction suite.

The new system integrates effortlessly into FINAS’ existing post production infrastructure of edit suites and will support a range of digital intermediate and archiving applications. The objective of the purchase is to benefit from a data-centric approach, which will allow FINAS to benefit from a number of cost-and-time-saving efficiencies.

The decision for FINAS to purchase the SCANITY film scanner was straightforward. The management, creative and technical teams at FINAS felt that SCANITY’s feature set met their goals for safeguarding the local film heritage, as well as offering scanning and finishing services to their growing clientele. The long history of dft Digital Film Technology providing Academy and Emmy-award winning solutions and services to the global post community was also a key determinant in their decision.

"We are dedicated to conserving the film heritage of Malaysia while still offering a variety of post production services to the film community," comments Mr. Khairunizam Abd Sukor, Post Production Engineer at FINAS. "SCANITY's high-speed film scanning with exceptional image quality allows us to leverage our services to the Malaysian film market", "SCANITY provides us with many more tools than a traditional Telecine, which we were using prior to our new purchase. Now we can scan and generate multiple file formats for use throughout our DI processes.

"The ability to gently handle a variety of film stocks using SCANITY's optical pin registration and Capstan transport system is mandatory for the delicate task of scanning the archived film in the Malaysian government's film department vaults. A portion of the archives are warped, buckled or shrunken, and SCANITY was designed with these potential issues in mind. "While speed is crucial for our work in our post production facility, the ability to handle damaged film material with care all while receiving a steady and stable images from the scans is imperative when working with archive material", Khairunizam Sukor added. "The SCANITY audio scanning feature provides us with the ability to concurrently scan film and its associated audio, which eliminates the need for separate image and audio scanning passes and synchronization. We can scan and store films without having to edit them."


FINAS is the main federal film agency and competent authority entrusted with the function to develope the Malaysian film industry. FINAS was established in 1981 by an Act of Parliament and is a statutory agency under the Ministry of Unity, Culture, Arts and Heritage Malaysia.

The main objectives of FINAS are to promote, nurture and facilitate the development of the Malaysian film industry. On a broader level, it ensures the creation and availability of Malaysian screen content. Its function is also intended to enrich the Malaysian national identity internationally by making available Malaysian screen content and culture.

In 2005, the National Film Policy was introduced to revive and reinvent the Malaysian film industry and to make Malaysia an international centre for filmmaking. FINAS is the sole agency entrusted with the implementation of this policy. More information at: www.finas.gov.my.

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