August 4, 2016

Omnimago, provider of services for motion pictures, has successfully installed and implemented the first dft Scanity HDR 35mm WetGate system.

Having provided a range of services supporting motion picture film for over 30 years, Omnimago is at the forefront of the industry. Peter Fries, managing director at Omnimago, said: “Satisfying clients’ needs is very much the focus of what we do, and we can only achieve this by having dedicated people delivering high standards of work, supported by professional, modern equipment. Our Scanity HDR 4K film scanner is at the heart of our operation, and so we were delighted when dft asked us to work with them on their new 35mm WetGate system.”

The new WetGate system is being used by Omnimago to repair of a range of complex, damaged, delicate and aged film materials. Some of this material is already available to view online on the dft YouTube channel.

Olaf Legenbauer, head of the film department, has been delighted with the quality produced by the wetted process. “We have been really pleased with the new Scanity HDR – 35mm WetGate system. Not only is it extremely simple and quick to set up, compared to other available solutions it’s also capable of very fast transfers, which are truly amazing. We have put the WetGate through its paces with some very complex and challenging material, and the WetGate has delivered every time. Scanned images are vastly improved, and because base scratches are ‘removed’ during the scanning process, the restoration process is faster and more efficient than before, which is great for a busy facility like Omnimago. The WetGate is now an integral part of the services we offer, and it ensures our clients get the best possible results from their material.”

Korinna Barthel, key account and project manager worked alongside Olaf to create some stunning ‘before’ and ‘after’ images: “We are all very pleased with the impressive result using the WetGate, which is quite obvious to see in the split screen film!”

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