gb labs and dft demonstrate latest nas storage solution for scanity hdr

March 22, 2016

Digital Film Technology (DFT) has been at the forefront of film scanning technology for over 75 years providing solutions for film post production, archive and restoration markets with a range of high quality, leading edge products and services. Their film scanning process requires powerful media storage, which is traditionally achieved using Storage Area Network (SAN) solutions. Working closely with GB Labs, an alternative solution, Network Attached Storage (NAS) is now available for the first time on Scanity HDR.

Film scanning to modern file formats such as 2K and 4K DPX puts media storage through its paces. Consistent and extreme performance is required to ensure files are ingested without any corruption or dropped frames. The choice of suitable storage has been limited predominantly to traditional SAN solutions, but now, with the availability of GB Labs’ new system, customers can choose between two alternatives – either traditional SAN or latest NAS. Traditionally, DFT had recommended Storage Area Network (SAN) solutions to their clients, as the only option able to handle the massive data streams needed by their Scanity HDR product.

However, the new range of NAS solutions from GB Labs offers a solution which is easier to install, set up and implement. The solutions are very fast and can work with third party applications without the need for expensive client software licences.

GB Labs’ NAS range of Space media storage represents 15 years of storage innovation in the media industry. They are renowned for pushing the boundaries of storage innovation where others have failed. The Space storage range empowers creative workflows worldwide and GB Labs provide solutions to some of the best-known names in media and entertainment.

DFT’s Scanity HDR can output huge 16 bit file sizes in either 4K TIFF or DPX whilst scanning. Following extensive testing, GB Labs’ Space SSD solution is an ideal match for Scanity HDR, and is capable of speeds of up to 9,000Mbytes/sec, more than enough to make Scanity HDR run at its optimum performance. What is more, if additional capacity or performance for a project is required, the SSD is easily expandable and further performance is quickly achievable by adding GB Labs HyperSpace product. Because Space SDD is compact, it can be housed within the Scanity HDR casing, and can be purchased together as a turnkey solution from DFT if required.

Both DFT and GB Labs will be attending this year’s NAB in Las Vegas.You can see Scanity HDR running with Space SSD and scanning 4K DPX files for yourself in the South Lower Hall on stand number SL10530.

Alternatively, if you would like to see what else the GB Labs range of NAS media storage could do for you, please visit; also in the South Lower Hall on stand SL5517.

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