industry-pioneering dot hill ultra48 storage array now integrated with dft scanity for high-performance 4k video applications

LONGMONT, Colo., August 6, 2014

Dot Hill Systems Corp. (Nasdaq: HILL), a trusted supplier of innovative enterprise-class storage systems, today announced that Digital Film Technology GmbH (dft), is integrating Dot Hill AssuredSAN Ultra48 “ultra-density” storage system as part of dft’s high dynamic range Scanity HDR, film scanner solution. The new dft Scanity HDR high-speed film scanner, with integrated Dot Hill AssuredSAN® Ultra48™ storage, captures maximum dynamic range from historical black-and-white film without compromising speed or quality.

Headquartered in Germany, dft is a leading, global provider of high-end film scanning equipment that preserves, manages, and delivers high-quality images. Using proprietary, patented triple-exposure technology, the Scanity HDR ingests difficult black-and-white materials at real-time speeds, allowing content owners to handle a wide range of problematic and historically aged film issues.

With the industry’s first ultra-density chassis design, the Dot Hill AssuredSAN Ultra48 houses nearly 58 terabytes of data on small form factor 2.5-inch hard disk drives (HDDs), while utilizing 23 percent less power in an efficient 2U footprint. Uniquely designed to deliver high-performance, randomized sequential I/O optimization for demanding, multiple-stream workflows like 4K film, the array can support any combination of solid-state drives (SSDs) and HDDs in the same enclosure. This compact footprint is 25 percent lighter than a comparable RAID unit and JBOD chassis combination, making it sleek to integrate with the Scanity HDR solution.

“The Dot Hill AssuredSAN Ultra48 was one of the few arrays we tested that could meet our demanding performance requirements; the Ultra48 is capable of sustaining 4K film ingest at 15 frames-per-second and delivering digital output to an XFS file system with a 16 bit RGB format,” said Hasenzahl Markus, head of research and development, dft. “Furthermore, no other storage vendor provides this much capacity in such a convenient and small compact footprint.”

Leveraging Dot Hill’s integrated AssuredSAN Ultra48 storage with 6.4 GB/second sequential reads and 5300 MB/second sequential writes, the dft Scanity HDR delivers the levels of performance necessary for numerous applications including:

“In a class by itself, the Dot Hill Ultra48 ultra-density chassis delivers twice the performance and twice the capacity per rack unit compared to alternative products, making it an excellent choice for customers such as dft who require extremely reliable and high-performing storage,” said Garrett Wein, vice president of OEM sales, Dot Hill Systems.

Designed to take advantage of powerful on-board multiple processors, the Ultra48 provides accelerated, predictable performance for randomized sequential workloads, making it an ideal solution for high performance computing, telecommunications data capture, media streaming, video post-production, and broadcasting.

With fully redundant and hot swappable components, the Ultra48 provides easy serviceability resulting in lower support costs through the life of the product. Also, as with all highly reliable AssuredSAN solutions, the Ultra48 delivers proven 99.999 percent availability. Backed by an industry-best 37-month “bumper-to-bumper” warranty, Ultra48 storage solutions are available with the latest, high-bandwidth interfaces including 12Gb SAS, 16Gb Fibre Channel, 10Gb iSCSI or dual personality 16Gb Fibre Channel/10Gb iSCSI.

About Dot Hill

Leveraging its proprietary Assured family of storage solutions, Dot Hill solves many of today’s most challenging storage problems – helping IT to improve performance, increase availability, simplify operations, and reduce costs. Dot Hill solutions combine breakthrough software with the industry’s most flexible and extensive hardware platform and automated management to deliver best-in-class solutions. Headquartered in Longmont, Colo., Dot Hill has offices and/or representatives in China, Germany, India, Japan, Singapore, the United Kingdom, and the United States.

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About dft

dft(Digital Film Technology) has been at the forefront of film scanning technology for over 75 years, supplying the film post production market with a range of high quality, leading edge products and services. With a reputation for quality, dft is head quartered in Germany and has a network of sales, service and support centres worldwide.

dft is a subsidiary of the Prasad Corporation Ltd, India.

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