korean film archive installs scanity hdr in new film archiving and preservation facility

March 01, 2016

The Korean Film Archive (KOFA) has installed dft’s Scanity HDR, a state-of-the-art film scanner at its purpose-built film preservation facility in Paju, Korea.

KOFA collects and preserves all materials related to the process of producing films for the benefit of Koreans now and in the future. This includes the acquisition of Korean film from the past, implementation of world-class “cutting-edge digital restoration projects” at facilities in Sangam Digital Media City and the Paju Preservation Centre, and sharing of Korean film to national and international audiences through the national film museum and multimedia library.

KOFA’s purpose is described by Ru Jae-lim, director of KOFA , as committed to “contributing to the enhancement of national culture sentiment by collecting and preserving Korean films and by recreating value.”

dft’s Scanity HDR film scanner will be at the heart of KOFA’s digital restoration process in the Paju Preservation Centre, which plans to scan, at 4K, and digitize over 40 aged film titles each year. Scanity HDR was chosen for its ability to gently handle delicate and damaged film material, whilst at the same time getting the best possible quality image from black and white stock.

Scanity HDR has been developed specifically for archives and facilities handling delicate or damaged film materials. The patented HDR technology is adept at capturing data from dense black and white materials to deliver superb, crisp pictures at high scanning speeds. KOFA will also benefit from Scanity’s renowned safe and gentle film handling – ensuring even the most delicate of film can be scanned for future generations to enjoy.

Kisoo Shon, head of the Paju Preservation Centre said: “We have had many years of trouble-free service from our dft Sprit 2K scanner, so choosing dft’s Scanity HDR 4K scanner was a natural progression for us. Scanity HDR will give us higher quality images at faster speeds – which is the standard of performance and quality we have come to expect from dft technology.”

Simon Carter, Director, dft added: “dft is delighted that KOFA has invested in another dft scanner for their Preservation Centre. The team has already seen what can be achieved using technology developed by dft – in terms of picture quality and through-put – and we hope that this new addition will further enhance their workflow, so that they can manage and capture the best possible images from even the most damaged and delicate film materials.”

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