Slovak Film Institute installs dft’s state-of-the-art film scanner

Darmstadt – June, 2014

The Slovak Film Institute (Slovenský filmový ústav, SFÚ) has installed dft’s state-of-the-art film scanner, Scanity, for film preservation and archive at its facility in Bratislava, Slovak Republic.

Founded in 1963, SFÚ is the national film institute, responsible for the collection, preservation and protection of the Slovak audiovisual heritage. The SFÚ film archive houses around 80,000 film reels, which include all films made in Slovakia. Regarded as a significant part of national cultural heritage, these films are considered to be national property, protected by the state, and entrusted to SFÚ for archiving and administration.

In 2011, a major national project, ‘Digital Audio Visual’, was established to digitise all audio and visual film and video heritage to help preserve national history and culture for future generations. Digital Audio Visual is a large scale digitisation project, requiring a highly technical solution to capture both audio and visual content, including sound, music, video and film.

An extensive review of all available technology by SFÚ specialists determined that the dft 4K film scanner suited their requirements perfectly. Scanity can ingest film at real-time 2K and 4K speeds, to produce outstanding image quality, even at high speeds. It has been designed for the safe and gentle handling of precious film stocks, and the end-to-end process, which includes real-time audio and infra-red scanning, made it a perfect fit for this large scale and challenging project.

SFÚ worked closely with Slovakia-based BoneheadZ, a specialist local systems integrator who assisted in the installation, workflow design, systems integration and training. Ladislav Hodinka, General Manager, BoneheadZ says, “This project has been a wonderful example of strong cooperation between the developer and the authorised reseller, resulting in a highly satisfied customer experience.”

Simon Carter, Sales Director at dft adds: “We’re delighted that SFÚ chose to install Scanity for its film scanning requirements. SFÚ conducted a thorough review and we’re extremely pleased that Scanity ticked all the right boxes. Scanity provides a controlled, high-speed, film ingest and also addresses a number of other key archive film issues – such as sensitive handling of issues, like warping, shrinkage and dust/scratch management. The film transfer process has a ‘touchless’, reliable and repeatable outcome that will enable SFÚ to meet its long term archival management goals for many years to come.

Editors notes:

dft (Digital Film Technology) has been at the forefront of film scanning technology for over 75 years, supplying the film post production market with a range of high quality, leading edge products and services. With a reputation for quality, dft is head quartered in Germany and has a network of sales, service and support centres worldwide.

dft is a subsidiary of the Prasad Corporation Ltd, India.

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